Can someone please suggest a way to convert the pdf of a book which is collection of photos of the book into a clear pdf/epub.

I have attached a sample page for your reference, and pages like these needs to be converted into a clear pdf/epub.

enter image description here

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Here are two ways to convert a poorly photographed document into a more uesful and pleasing appearance:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Convert the image to text using OCR software, either online or with OS-specific tools, such as FreeOCR for Windows OS or an alternative. OCR is somewhat labor intensive, because even the best software does not always produce verbatim text, nor does OCR capture formatting, such as font style. However, OCR produces the best results, when the output is carefully edited in a word processor such as LibreOffice Writer or MS Word. The resulting document is readable at any size and is searchable.
  • Image Editing: Edit each image and insert each into a new document, This is a quicker process, where the editor just trims each image to size and adjusts color and contrast appropriately. However, the final document is not searchable and can be magnified only a limited amount. Removing distortion of bent or wrinkled pages might not be feasible. Software to edit images ranges from costly Adobe Photoshop to free IrfanView.

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