I am trying to create an ebook with a media overlay (read aloud feature). Once created, I would like to use the ebook to play audio and highlight the text in the book at the appropriate time in the audio.

I understand that SMIL has to be used and this site details it well.

The manual process is quite laborious especially when I have a large content. I am looking for an application that could help me to mark the section of the content (could be at a low level as a word/character to a line or even paragraph) and ask it to play a section of an audio file.

I tried PubCoder but in the trial version, it automatically picks the section for the audio overlay and does not permit me to do so at a granular level. The documentation says:

Sometimes you may want to split a read aloud block at a certain, specific position. You can achieve this by inserting a Read Aloud Splitter in your text. Just edit the text in your text box and choose Insert Read Aloud Splitter in the advanced functionalities menu in the text editor toolbar. Restart the read aloud wizard to see the changes.

I could not find any option to insert "Read aloud splitter" in the user interface and I presume it is not available in the trial version.

My question is whether any such tool other than PubCoder allows me to define the media overlay graphically and allow me to create epub3 ebooks?

I had tried Sigil, BlueGriffon and Calibre and to my knowledge, they do not have a user interface (menu) to select the text and its corresponding segment in an audio file.

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