I used Calibre to convert my HTML file to EPUB3 and check it with its viewer and I notice that a lot of syles are missing !!!!

so I check the created ebook's files using calibre local editor and what I came up with is all div's class has changed (it add calibre1 to each div or change content-block to content-block1 for example )

so is there any option to ignore those changes?

mean force calibre to import the file without adding any additional class or divs.

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Generally to maximize compatibility and robustness, epub converters will strip as much styling out as possible to still maintain formatting, so I would encourage you to just deal with it.

If you absolutely have to keep original styling you can edit the archive using a program like 7zip. Open the archive and find the .css file within. There is probably significant changes made to classes and ids so it may take quite a bit of fiddling.

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