I have 10+ WiFi devices in my household and all of them has access to home WiFi through entire flat. Even though that some rooms are as far as 10-15 m from router and there are 2-3 walls between to obscure signal. In latest locations WiFi signal is weak, but still device can connect to the Internet.

Kindle 10th Paperwhite is the only exception. The device looses WiFi access (and tries to reconnect to WiFi network) when moved as little as 5+ m from the router.

Is this a normal / reported situation (that Paperwhites has so weak WiFi antennae)? Or should I rather consider this as my device only malfunction and should return in to where I have purchased it, to replace it?

It seems that I have the same problem as in here only I have it now (2021) with Kindle 10th Paperwhite, while the mentioned question is 7.5 years old.

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