I am trying to remove these selectable fields from this PDF. The goal is to remove them and then run them through an OCR so that I make a searchable PDF. I have managed to make the PDF searchable already, but then I get horizontal lines that came there because of these selectable fields in the original PDF. Does someone know how to remove these fields?

I have tried flattening the PDF online, it didn't remove these fields.

I tried to convert the PDF to Djvu, and then back to PDF. It did get rid of the selectable fields, but the PDF file size became 10 times larger and I couldn't use the online OCR anymore. I tried to compress that PDF but the quality was drastically reduced.

The selectable fields I want to remove.

  • Have you tried printing he PDF as a PDF, e.g. using Windows or Firefox's "Print as PDF" choice as printer? – DrMoishe Pippik Jun 6 at 20:51
  • Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I tried to go Print->Save as PDF in Firefox and Chrome, but it didn't work, in both cases, I again have the lines and these selectable boxes on my PDF. It's interesting that when I open the PDF using Chrome I don't see the boxes, but in Firefox I do see. In both cases, the boxes exist in the PDF. – Jovan Markov Jun 8 at 12:53

There is an application which you can use to import the pdf and then edit it, and export EPUB2,PDF,MOBI or AZW3 files. Those are all searchable formats. You can search for thoughtmeeting on facebook, you will then see this tool. If you only want to make it searchable and do not need to export, it is a free tool for you.

  • What is this application? Please post link here. – Jovan Markov Jun 28 at 15:27

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