Presumably transferring Kindle ebooks to someone else isn't allowed in general, but has anyone found a way (or contacted Amazon Support for them to successfully do this manually, on their side?) to split a Kindle account and/or one-time transfer/move several Kindle ebooks to a separate account? A friend and I had multiple Kindle devices using the same user/login ten years ago when we worked together, and over time, ended up with hundreds of ebooks (including his many sci-fi books) in one single Kindle account. I'd ideally like to choose about 20 of mine that I still care about and separate them out to a new/separate Kindle account, instead of wading through all his books to find things in my library. And then going forward, I'll only use my own separate account from now on, so hence, this is only a one-time splitting of the account, no ongoing or future ebook transfers needed. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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