I would like to rename a book without going into edit book, edit metadata in individually, or edit metadata in bulk. The booklist is what you see when you open up the program, a list with books wherein you can use the arrow keys to navigate between the columns. Clicking on the focused cell will allow you to rename the item. I would like to replicate that behavior with a shortcut when I am currently focused on that cell. What I have tried:

  1. Checking shortcuts preferences tab in Calibre, searching for 'Edit Column', 'Edit'. None of those allow me to edit the metadata directly from the book list
  2. Pressing enter or space, which do not work
  3. Double clicking slowly, which works but does not really answer my question.

I know that you can simply rename from the edit book tab but I would like to rename the book name or metadata from the booklist directly without opening any windows. I am on macOS, if that helps.

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