I thought of an idea for a software that I would find useful as a foreign language learner, and I am wondering if something similar already exists. The software would (more-or-less) automatically create a list of unknown vocabulary from an eBook. The user could then study this new vocabulary before reading the book. Schematically the process would look something like:

Initial Setup

  1. User adds words to their 'Known Vocab' list (e.g. from an Anki deck)
  2. User chooses how many of the languages most common words to link with their Known Vocab (can be changed to taste at any stage later on)

Typical Use

  1. User opens an eBook with the software
  2. The software creates a list of all distinct words (perhaps with some clever filtering to avoid annoying duplicates like 'cat' and 'cats', or 'eat' and 'eating' etc.) in the book, sorted by frequency, and excluding words in the Known Vocab
  3. The user can then export this list (perhaps with some further filtering and manual exclusions) for use in things like Anki
  4. The user can also update their Known Vocab with this list

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