I've been working on a hobby javascript project recently that automatically compiles content from some websites into an epub (with the help of epub-gen) and then sends it to my device via the Send-to-Kindle e-mail hack. It works great, except for one thing: when you send an epub to a kindle like that, it doesn't show the cover in your library. It just uses a default "document" cover with the filename and source e-mail address.

I've used Calibre to send epubs to my kindle in the past and they've arrived with the cover art intact, presumably because of some automatic conversion that goes on in the background. That's fine, except that Calibre doesn't really slot neatly into an automated JS script (which I'm hoping to run as an AWS Lambda function). Does anyone know of either:

  • An automatable way to send epubs to kindle while preserving the cover art in your library?
  • An automatable way (ideally, a JS library) to convert epub to mobi/azw so I can send the output of that instead?

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