I hv received pdf with links to tv shows on tv;

  • another pdf with links to different books (stored in google drive.) So you click on the picture and it takes you to the pdf book and opens it. I have many learning books in my drive. I want to make a pdf with links to the books. How can I create a Pdf with links to these? Thank you for your help.

You can do so by creating a document with either Microsoft Word or Google Docs (which behaves the same as Microsoft Word in this regard).

  1. Type a line of text in your document, such as "Python Programming Book".
  2. Highlight the text you just wrote.
  3. Enter Ctrl-k on your keyboard. That will open a window for you to enter a URL.
  4. Enter the URL in the appropriate field of the window that opened.
  5. Click [Apply] or [OK] or whatever the button is to apply your link.
  6. Save your document as a PDF. In MS Word, choose File --> Save As and select the file type as PDF before you save. In Google Docs, choose File --> Download --> PDF Document

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