I'm writing a book using the Kindle Create application (v1.43.0.0) for Windows and I have two issues with references throughout the book.

  1. I have quotes in the book and I want to reference the source of the quotes to the References section. Basically it's "some quote from somewhere [23]" and I want [23] to be a link to my References section of the book where [23] is some Internet address, or a book reference with ISBN, etc. I can find no way of doing this in the Kindle Create UI. I can add hyperlinks to Internet addresses but I can't find a way to point the location of the link to some section inside my book.

  2. I have "page titles" and "page subtitles" elements, but only page titles show up in the Table of Contents. I have quite a lot of subtitles in each chapter so the ToC is pretty much useless as I can only navigate chapters, but not their subsections. If I click "Edit > Chapter detection", all the "page subtitle" elements are identified correctly, but if I accept them, they get included in the Table of Contents as chapter names instead of subsections in each chapter. So now the ToC is not only useless, but wrong.

Is there a way to make these two points work with Kindle Create? Or do I have to do this some other way, or using some other application?

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