There's this collection of web pages (say, a blog) I'd rather read on my kindle device. Using pandoc, I turn them into an epub book, and in turn using kindlegen I convert them to mobi and send them to the kindle via the @kindle.com email address. This is all pretty great, except that when there's a new article and I rerun the whole thing, I don't get an updated book but a new entry in my "personal docs" space on amazon's website (and, thus, on the kindle as well).

Is there a way to let amazon/the kindle know it's the same book and make it update instead of creating a new entry ?

If that's impossible, is there another "over the air" method to send the book to the kindle that would allow me to reach my goal with the kindle still keeping tabs of the "position" I stopped my last reading session ?

Thanks a bunch.

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