Is there a way of sharing my notes and highlights on a "personal document" (I mean, some book that was not bought on Kindle)? I even contacted the customer service because I thought it was something related to the new update or some error on my Kindle (like, for real?), because whenever I tried sharing the highlights, the menu didn't even open, and I couldn't press "share" in any of the menus given.

I tend to highlight a lot when I'm reading, especially because I like to do some lettering with these quotes and stuff. Also because I like to use these quotes to comment about the book, to review it or something.

Can you share some light here, guys?

  • If I'm not wrong, your Kindle should generate a "Your clippings" file which will include each and every highlight/note you made. Check your library. – sai-kartik May 22 '20 at 4:35

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