I have a Kindle Paperwhite wifi version that I had bought way back in 2014 on amazon.in. The problem is it is no more opeinig and is literally a brick. A large battery with a '! ' mark over it is being displayed over it. I did contact amazon regarding it and they say since there is no service centre at my loaction, i need to courier it to another location where it will be fixed and sent back. I don't trust the kindle service centre that as it is not at my location. They may replace some ot other parts and ask me to pay a huge charge on it. How can I fix it on my own? I tried restarting but the Kindle restart padlgr appears and a blank page appears there after. This process keeps on happening again till the battery is dead. Anyone please suggest if it is possible to do it on my own.

  • This method might work for you. Make sure to charge your Kindle before you try it. – user4665 Oct 25 '19 at 16:38

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