Not strictly a Kindle question, e-pub would work. PDF isn't suitable.

How can I get a wikibook, in full, on my Kindle?

Kindle support

I know it's been a bit of time, but maybe it's time to add Kindle support. First, mobi isn't only used by Kindle, it just happens to be the most popular. Second, mobi is XHTML so the conversion from HTML to mobi is actually quite simple, which is why it's the preferred submission filetype for Amazon. And, the Kindle (one of the most popular eReaders), also handles straight up HTML files as well, with full chapter support, etc. With most older Kindles you have to change the file extension to .txt or .nownow but leaving it as HTML is fine and it will read it the same as it does mobi.

It's just on my mind because I had such a fun time today realizing that the standard book maker on the left and the supposed WS one listed in Prefs/Gadgets weren't able to make epub, odt, or pdf of the few books I tried. However, I should note that the epub link on the left menu did work well.

Anyway, I'm just thinking that we could install an already-made script to handle this if any admins feel similarly. The Haz talk 05:08, 3 February 2014 (UTC)


a "book" example:


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One way is to use EpubPress to make an EPUB and then open it in Kindle Previewer and export it as a MOBI file.

An issue I found is that opening each page of the SQL book individually results in too many tabs for EpubPress to process. It can process the single-page version you get from one of the printable version links on the book's main page, but then the pages won't be listed individually in the EPUB's contents.

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