I am using Calibre to create an ebook in Urdu language. The language is written from right to left. The whole book is in Unicode and uses UTF-8 encoding. If I open the book in TextEdit on Mac. Mac own fonts such as Helvetica shows the book like this:

Macbook TextEdit Screenshot

When using default Kindle fonts like Caecilia this is how it looks like

On Kindle with Default Font

However, when I use the published font i.e. the TTF font I have embedded in the ebook. It doesn't join the characters the way it's supposed to for languages like Arabic/Urdu. It shows each letter individually and it looks like:

On Kindle with published font

Am I missing something here or Kindle just can't use these embedded fonts correctly for non-latin languages?


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I managed to solve this problem with help from mobileread forum. I am posting the link to answer here https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3849282&postcount=2

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