main.md contain sub-mds:


1. [1 - ](1.md)
1. [2 - ](2.md)
1. [3 - ](3.md)
1. [4 - ](4.md)
1. [5 - ](5.md)
1. [6 - ](6.md)

I use calibre command:

ebook-convert main.md main.epub

But only the content of main.md is wrote to epub.


I found two things.

For me the link has to be written '( ./6.md )' with a space before and after the file specification.

Then I found the ebook-convert app wants html files for inputs. It complains that the inputs are "binary"

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  • Thanks, it seems that calibre doesn't support md format very well. – camino Aug 18 at 13:43

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