I have a Kindle Fire 8 (7th gen) to which I'm attached at the hip. I recently installed Google Play, mainly so that I can lose to my girlfriend in WordFeud on a larger screen.

Meanwhile, I've started using RescueTime on my MacBook and Chromebook to log my on-screen activity, which has been tremendously useful. Unfortunately, while there is a native Amazon app for RescueTime, it is not compatible with any recent-generation Fire. There is a Google Play version of the app, which I had to problem installing on the Fire.

To be useful, however, the app needs access to the Fire's app activity so I can track when I'm reading a book, the news, or, well, playing WordFeud. When I log in, I get a generic android screen asking for permissions:

enter image description here

I've got through the Fire's settings ad nauseam without luck. I see a "Device Administrators" option under "Security & Privacy," but when I open it I don't have any options to enable specific apps. All it offers is "Find My Device" and "Google Pay."

This might be hopeless, but I would LOVE to be able to track my Kindle time in Rescue Time, even if it wasn't very activity-specific. Is there an APK that allows the Kindle settings to behave in a more Android-like faction? My device is out of warranty so I don't mind rooting it if necessary. Or perhaps there's an IFTTT solution? Thanks!

(PS: I'm sorry, but "QI" should NOT be a value word!)

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