I am trying to extract the highest resolution images I can from a pdf, so that I can clean it up via scantailor. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. pdfimages -list returns three files for each page:

   1     0 image     829  1254  rgb     3   8  jpx    yes     3659  0   151   150 76.2K 2.5%
   1     1 image     829  1254  rgb     3   8  image  yes     3663  0   151   150 5250B 0.2%
   1     2 mask     1658  2508  -       1   1  image  yes     3663  0   301   300 5250B 1.0%

Plus a lot of:

Syntax Warning: Invalid Font Weight

Running pdfimages -p -all returns for each page a .jp2, .png, and .jb2e. The .jp2 appears to have the image and the others seem to be some kind of annotation (? the .png is a mask).

Questions: (1) Since jpeg 2000 is not straightforward in ubuntu, is there some other way to extract the images from the pdf without degrading the quality, and while separating out what appears to be the annotation. (2) Otherwise, how do I view the .jp2 in Ubuntu and convert them losslessly into a form that I can use via scantailor (.tif or .png)? (3) What is .jb2e?

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