I'm aware of Goodreads but would be interested in recommendations for where to go for book recommendations, across categories. Certainly there were many articles and lists of books from the end of the year, but I'd be more interested in discussion forums.

I'm not entirely adverse to advertisements, but more interested in what books people suggest and discuss online. Tastes vary, of course, and algorithms have their place as well (or AI if you prefer).

To take one website at random: the Gutenberg press. In theory a fantastic idea. Yet whenever I've looked at their website it's just a needle in a haystack. I'm sure they have an official blog or announcement system, but I'd be more interested in discussion or review. Not specific to the Gutenberg press, again, conceptually interesting, but just looking for things to read.

(I'm a bit Kindle-centric having drunk the Amazon DRM kool-aid, so that would be my preference for focus should that be an issue.)


Your question is really too broad and unprecise to respect the usual rules of Stack-Exchange. However, I will try to answer it in a way consistent with such rules.

There are many places where books are discussed, but they are usually specialized in some way. And no one is going to list the possibilities, not here.

My best advice is for you to search the web with a generaly search engine, for comments on books or authors you have been interested in. This should occasionally lead you to sites that have commented these books or authors. Then you can explore the site to see what else they offer and suggest, and whether you want to use it as a comment and reference source.

We all differ in our tastes and ways of doing things, and no one can really do that for you.

You comment on Gutenberg Press does not carry a link (which it should have). I tried to see which site you mean, but found only Project Gutenberg. Its purpose is not to suggest e-books, but to make them available.

The choice of a retailer (Amazon) is a strange focus for suggesting books, and I am not sure I understand the connection with DRM. DRM are universally toxic, not just with Amazon, if that is what you enjoy.

  • retail stores often have general recomendations, or might even know their customer well enough to make specific suggestions -- Amazon uses an algorithm, of course. Kinda interesting, but creepy. Make no mistake, I'm no fan of DRM. By the same token, however, I'm all in favor of musicians and writers gettting paid and Amazon is, arguably, the 800 pound gorilla in e-book publishing. – Thufir Jan 7 at 6:56

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