Google Play books is getting to be cumbersome on so many levels. Most importantly, the android app has no way to organize ebooks by collections or different shelves.

Yet Google Play Books is really the only cloud-based epub reader I know of -- and its epub support is good.

I end up preferring to import files to the Kindle android app because Kindle's collections are so easy to create and edit. Am I overlooking any other options?

In other words, are there any cloud-based epub reading systems which allow offline reading, importing your own epubs and the ability to create collections? Having a store connected to it would be ideal, but I buy DRM-free epubs generally or get things from Project Gutenberg.

I am looking for a software solution (i.e., an app) rather than a device solution I realize that Kobo or ibook devices might have a cloud component, but I would prefer not to be locked into one hardware family. Thanks.


Aldiko book reader is a really good app that has the most of the features you require.

  • Thanks. The upcoming version sounds good but their website's emptiness does not inspire confidence. Also, I noticed that FBPremium has a cloud-based solution (though possibly it does not work offline; I will test -- they are coming with a new version in January. books.fbreader.org/faq.html – idiotprogrammer Jan 3 at 12:29

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