While I've never had success with converting epub to azw or azw3, converting to mobi works fine for me. For a large number of epub files what's a good workflow or tool for converting to a Kindle friendly format?

Every file is epub, which "send to Kindle" won't accept. None of the files are PDF, nor is PDF desired as an output.

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In Calibre You can select several books at once, and hit convert. It is an old feature, described on the official blog:

Bulk convert: Calibre allows you to convert books in bulk. You can select a set of books, all of which may or may not be in the same format, and convert them all in bulk to a different format. So say you have a kindle and you have a number of books in EPUB, RTF and PDF formats. You can select them all. Then click the "Convert books" icon or click the little arrow next to the "Convert books" icon and choose the option "Bulk convert". A new window opens. At the top right corner of the window you can set the output format, which in this case would be MOBI.

If You are on Linux, You can also write a script to utilize Calibre's command line capabilities.

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