I'm going to make a blog where I post my own stories. I want to use a font that won't hurt the readers eyes even after hours of reading. Basically, the most pleasant font on the eyes. I don't want just a name though, I'd like you to give me the whole info. For example, this site's font is:

Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif; Style normal; Weight 400; Size 15px; Line Height 20px; Color#242729

I want a detailed answer like that, not something like: "use helvetica"

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    First, this place is a place to ask only about fonts for ebook devices. Second, this is an inherently subjective question -- probably unanswerable. Third, if you want to use Google fonts (and that's a good place to start), I'd suggest using the search term "Best Google Font combination" – idiotprogrammer Dec 1 at 6:56
  • For me it chnages sometmes one size then others I need ot larger. There is no one answer – Mark Dec 7 at 1:07

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