With my phone, I frequently turn off cellular (with airplane mode) and then turn WiFi on. This is great for saving battery life but still letting my access the internet.

It seems like with a Kindle (classic/Paperwhite/Oasis) this isn't possible... Airplane mode turns off both with no way to turn on WiFi only. Is this correct?

I only want this because I think this could save battery life, but maybe the Kindle is "smart" enough that if it has WiFi it won't waste energy using the cellular modem? Would be sad if a Kindle with LTE mostly only used in a WiFi'd home will get worse battery life than a WiFi only Kindle....

Is there any hack to turn off cellular and leave WiFi on? I have the very new Paperwhite 10th gen, but the OS seems shared with all the recent Kindle e-readers.

Relatedly, does a cellular Kindle waste power on the cellular modem when WiFi is on? Or rather, if a cellular Kindle is on WiFi does it drain more power than its WiFi-only counterpart or roughly the same?

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