`How do I set this ebook:

thufir@dur:~$ ll /media/thufir/Kindle/mobi/microsoft/Microsoft_Press_ebook_Windows_10_Support_Secrets_MOBI.mobi 
-rw-r--r-- 1 thufir thufir 30318271 Jul  7 22:17 /media/thufir/Kindle/mobi/microsoft/Microsoft_Press_ebook_Windows_10_Support_Secrets_MOBI.mobi

to readable on a Kindle e-reader, 7th generation? I've mounted and unmounted the Kindle multiple times. The file is there, it's the correct size, it's readable from Calibre -- not sure what else I can do.

There it is, on the Kindle. But, not getting picked up. Other mobi files are recognized and readable. But not this one.


this is in the context of:

The Kindle Personal Document Service can convert and deliver the following types of documents:
Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
HTML (.htm, .html)
Text (.txt) documents
Archived documents (zip , x-zip) and compressed archived documents
Mobi book

Even after compressing to .zip it's too large (at least for gmail). To re-iterate, the e-books is perfectly readable from calibre and so I don't see that it should be a problem with the file being corrupt or unreadable.

I don't seem to be alone with this general problem of dealing with absurdly large e-book files on the Kindle...

see also:


Perhaps convert the EPUB to PDF, slice into tranches, then re-convert back to EPUB? Sounds like an invitation for everything to go wrong, but might work..

Oddly, the mobi size seems quite out of whack versus the EPUB format:

mobi size

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Usually a .mobi file actually includes a couple copies of the book in different formats. Is the .mobi file much larger (like, multiple times) than the epub file? This is the giveaway. The KindleStrip plugin (http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96903) might help you remove that excess content to bring the file down to a manageable size.

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