I have created an ebook via the Moby Dick epub example here:


I can open the ebook using iBooks (1.14) on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.4), but I can't get it to play the audio. When I press the volume button with the text "Read Aloud", the volume always goes down to its lowest level and when I turn it back up I still don't hear anything. The ebook itself contains a mp4 file. Why is it not working? Are there any alternative readers for mac? I also couldn't get it to work on iphone, again via ibooks. Is this not supported yet? Is there an alternative app I can try for iphone?

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Try the Adobe Digital Editions apps for macOS or iOS. Also check out Menestrello and the free Menestrello media overlay epub3 books.

If you're a software developer, also check out Minstrel.


You can try out some alternatives that I found through https://alternatives.co:

  1. Kindle for Mac
  2. iBooks
  3. OverDrive Read
  4. JAWS

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