Interested in reliable ways of converting, specifically, PDF files for reading on a Kindle. See also:


Not looking for a steep learning curve, something pretty idiot (me) proof.

The simplest way seems to be send an e-mail to Kindle:

Reading PDFs on Kindle device

Or is that perhaps not even necessary? Plain PDF is perfectly readable as-is?


The Kindle pdf app only works well with plain .pdf files, however, the user experience isn't that great, because the pdf app doesn't have a reflow option.

If you haven't updated your firmware to the latest firmware version, you might be able to jailbreak your Kindle and to install KOReader, which has a much better PDF reader. BTW, you can also read epub2 books with KOReader, as long as they don't contain RTL text (e.g., Arabic books or Japanese Mangas).

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