Does anyone have an ePub converter that actually saves in HTML5? I have tried Kotobee Author and Calibre but they save in HTML 4/XHTML. An update of the Mozilla Composer/SeaMonkey IDE (Internet Developer Environment) came out in Feb. 2018 but that also saves in HTML 4. A lot of IDEs and ePub apps claim to support HTML5 but save to HTML 4. Any suggestions? I don't want to manually migrate my code to HTML5 and then have the ePub converter wrap it as HTML 4. Or am I making too big a deal of this? Thanks, in advance.


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Sigil supports both epub2 and epub3 books and one of the Sigil developers has published a plugin that'll convert epub2 books to epub3 books.


Try using Pandoc. I am not sure how "correct" is the HTML5...

$ pandoc file.epub -t html5 -s > file.html

Pandoc is open source. sudo apt install pandoc if not previously installed.

Without -s just the body's content is generated. (Several options available to control html output)


Try using Kitaboo it can convert to epub3 as well as html5

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