I have ebook in markdown files and use GitBook for generating epub file. Like usual, chapters are defined in SUMMARY.md and chapter files begins with a headings (the same like in summary):

Title of the chapter

GitBook uses Calibre's tool ebook-convert to generate epub files what will have html files with title section like:

  <body class="calibre">

<div class="page">

        <h1 class="book-chapter2" id="calibre_toc_2">Title of the chapter</h1>
        <div class="section">
            <h1 id="příběh-první" class="calibre17">Title of the chapter</h1>

First h1 have display: none in CSS, so will not be visible in most readers, but some of them ignores it and renders heading twice.

Is there a way, to configure GitBook or epub-convert to not add second heading and keep table of contents working?

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