I'm an author who are currently selling books on Google Play. The service works really good and has a wide support for mobile devices etc. The huge downside is its limitations when it comes to territory. It's only available in like 30 countries.

I have people in Israel, Nepal and other countries where Google Play don't reside and probably won't be for a while. So I'm looking for an alternative platform that does not have this limitation. However, I still have some requirements:

  • Prohibit download of the PDF - This is to protect it from being spread outside of the platform. It has happen before when I even had DRM support turned off on Amazon. Writing 700 pages trying to make a living out of it kinda sucks when someone simply spreads it for free.

  • HTML5 or Mobile App support - Since most of the readers will be using iPads and what not.

  • The book needs to be sold on that platform or a third party

  • Need to use PDF.

Is there any good platform for this except Google Books? I have searched like hell but all I have found is sites that provides the user with a download link.

Thanks in advance!

  • Note html5 and pdf are rather different formats. – Mark Dec 21 '17 at 13:13

Have you had a look at Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing? It says Kindle in the name, but it is also possible to send the ebooks to tablets or smart phones and read them on there.

  • Kindle Direct Publishing does not support pdf or even epub files. – user26732 Mar 20 '18 at 21:33

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