I bought a Kindle some years ago. At first I used it a lot, then I left it unused. I would like to use it again: only trouble is that the battery can't mantain the charge. This is not surprising, it's an 8 year old device, but using it plugged to the wall is not practical.

Is there something that I can do? I searched the Amazon help page but I was unable to find a solution.

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You can try to change the battery.

A simple Google search returns a lot of results, I summarize here the steps from this page:

  1. Turn off your Kindle. Slide and hold the power switch for four seconds, then release. The screen blanks.
  2. Place the Kindle screen down on a flat, clean surface.
  3. Remove the plastic back panel. Two tabs keep the back panel in place. Use a thin spudger to slide the panel away from the larger metal back panel. This step is a little scary while you do it. You will think you’re breaking the Kindle, but as long as you apply only gentle force, you won’t actually break anything.
  4. Remove the metal back panel. With a Phillips #0 screwdriver, remove the two screws which attach the metal back panel to the Kindle’s plastic body, then slide the panel away. Until you replace the back panels, keep a close eye on the volume rocker. Without the back panels to hold it into position, it may fall out.
  5. Remove the old battery. With a Phillips #0 screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the battery in place, then lift the battery out by its black tabs.
  6. Install the new battery. Drop it in connector first, then replace the two retaining screws.
  7. Replace the metal back panel. Place it such that the panel lies flat and the volume rocker is held in place, then replace the two retaining screws.
  8. Replace the plastic back panel. Place it such that the panel lies flat and the volume rocker is held in place, then slide it toward the bottom of the Kindle.
  9. Recharge the Kindle with a micro USB cable. After a few seconds, the amber light will illuminate and the screen will refresh.

You can also try this and this.

  • That's really a good guide, with pics and explanation of tools. I will get a reputable battery and do it.
    – Francesco
    Commented Aug 9, 2017 at 13:16

A not so comfortable but less dangerous solution might be to connect the Kindle with a short USB cable (e.g. 6 inch long) to a small powerbank (the question states that the device is working while it is connected to a power source). So while reading you have also to hold the powerbank, which should have a handy shape for this (e.g. rather flat and approximately same size as the kindle).

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