This is related, but has some issues in working. How can I convert an HTML site into an ebook?

  • Top > Website Menu
  • Left Frame > Table of Contents (Multi Level Nested Tree with JScript I think)
  • Right Frame > Content relevant to Link from ToC clicked

Now, when using one of the existing "wget/ httrack" downloaders, I end up getting 2 issues:

  • The generated offline webpage links still try to pop open the pages in a frame
  • End up getting Superset pages outside of the said book. How could one exclude them?

My guess is it needs a different type / restricted website downloader / ripper / scraper. Once it does its deed, we could probably use Calibre.

PS: Someone please embed them - Having some browser Image dialog issues:



  • 1
    You should probably try to better explain your quesiton, it is not easy to understand what you are willing to do.
    – Sekhemty
    Jul 27 '17 at 9:53
  • @Sekhemty - I'll try to add some explanatory & indicative screenshots. Will create this weekend and update the question.
    – Alex S
    Jul 27 '17 at 17:06

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