I recently discovered that I could use Pocket to wirelessly send webpages I wanted to read onto my kobo reader. It is great, because it reformats them nicely into something I can adjust the font-size on and without nav-bars etc.

I've mostly used this for reading short stores. Eg from Tor.com This works fine.

Sometimes I want to read blog posts. Eg Charles Stross's blog.
This does not. It just does not show up at all on the reader.
But other blogs, eg my own do work.

I have workout, by going to the Pocket web interface, that the ones that are not working on my reader, are ones that are saved in "web only view". Which means rather than giving me a reformatted article, it just links to the page. And Kobo reader does not display these kinds of links.

What I don't understand is why somethings save properly and others become "web only views"?

  • How can I know which has occurred when I save it?
    • particularly if I save it from the Kobo's own webbrowser.
    • Firefox is also worth knowing.
  • Why does it occur, what kinda sites should I not waste time on?
  • Can I make Kobo display these as links to open in its webbrowser?


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