I have the Kindle app on my iPhone and iPad. When I go into a book on the iPad and add a highlight I never see it appear on the same book on my iPhone, even if I press the sync item from the side menu on the iPhone.

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    Having the same problem with syncing highlights between Kindle iPhone app and Kindle Mac app. It's quite pathetic that Amazon can build the most advanced cloud infrastructure and speech recognition, but fails implementing a reliable sync mechanism for their own ebook ecosystem :( Feb 20 '18 at 9:36

I was able to fix this by removing the book from my iPhone and redownloading it.

Now if I want to see highlights sync immediately between the devices I have to go to the Library after adding a highlight and then go to Library on the other device, press sync and go back into the book. Then a few seconds later the highlight appears. Not ideal but it works.


I had highlights on an iPhone which were refusing to sync. Manually triggering a sync from within the Settings area and killing/restarting the app failed to fix it.

I restarted the iPhone (hold power and home until you see the silver, Apple logo appear) and then opened the Kindle app again.

I could see a lot of network activity (the icon was cycling next to the 4G symbol at the top) and then all of a sudden the highlights all synched and were visible on https://read.amazon.co.uk/notebook (also https://read.amazon.com/notebook ).


Removing and adding (redownloading) the book on my Macbook fixed it also.

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