I am fairly new to ebook world and written a book which has many images, but I am afraid it will increase the size of the book in mobi format as well(currently I am in Docx)

I know that amazon provides text book creator for image heavy books. but will it have any other impact on my book? Have someone used this software previously?

is there any other way to publish an efficient image heavy book in amazon?

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Reduce the size of the images using a tool such as free IrfanView or an alternative. If you simply drop an image into a word processor such as LibreOffice Writer or MS Word, and then drag a corner to shrink the image to fit the page, the number of bytes used by the image stays the same. Pre-shrink the image to the approximate size needed in the page layout.

If you have many images, you can batch process some to a set size with image editors.

BTW, MOBI files are often twice the size of EPUB, so consider other formats for non-Kindle devices, if file size is an issue.

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