I have to sent a pdf file to a company and it should not possess restrictions of any type. However, I could not remove the "Changing the document" restriction. Could you help me or indicate how I should proceed?

  • It sounds like you trying to circumvent copying restrictions on commercial ebook. If that is not the case, please provide information on how you generated the PDF file?
    – Anthon
    Nov 19 '16 at 21:22
  • It was generated using a tex file. Nov 19 '16 at 21:39
  • If this is a Tex workflow this would probably be better on tex.stackexchange.com
    – mmmmmm
    Nov 23 '16 at 12:28
  • 1
    This question doesn't really seem to be about ebooks but about generic PDF editing.
    – Sekhemty
    Jan 9 '17 at 23:47
  • Generic PDF editing is still in scope for this SE Jan 26 '17 at 12:29

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