I have a PDF document which comprises graphs and diagrams THAT ARE NOT IMAGES but rather are line arts, smooth shades, etc. (in other words, they are drawn directly within the document). But the problem is these figures have a weird and illegible blue color and I want to convert the colors to a more legible one, like pink, preferably with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro or a similar software.

Is it possible?

  • can you share the PDF file? – Woeitg Nov 16 '16 at 13:20
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If you don't have access to Adobe's Illustrator, a free alternative is Inkscape. Once downloaded, open Inkscape and click "File" and "Open" and find the PDF file. Select the page with the line (vector) graphic you want to change to a different color and click "OK" on the "PDF Import Settings" window. I'm not going to go into detail the process of editing the vector as Youtube has some great easy to follow tutorials for using Inkscape!

One easy solution can be print the PDF with a virtual printer software with the specification set to "black and white". By black and white, I mean binary black or white output without grayscale. There are many programs out there that can do this function.

The final PDF will be only black and white hopefully it will be visually acceptable.

There are also other solutions such as modifying the PDF directly in an image editing software and do the modification manually.

I found a good Adobe Acrobat DC Pro plug-in that seems to do the job very well. It's called Enfocus PitStop. Unfortunately it's really expensive. But maybe it'll be useful to some.

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