I know that the 1st Edition Nook (OS version 1.7) does not have the capability to read .html files via the ebook reader. However, it seems to be able to read local .html files from the browser. I know this because the default home page is file:///android_assets/browser.html. However, I cannot seem to find .html files that I've added to the my documents/ folder via the browser. I've tried the following URLs to access the my documents/ folder:

  • file:///my documents
  • file:///my%20documents
  • file:///My%20nook
  • file:///mnt/us
  • file:///mnt/dc/us

Those URLs return an error page with text like the following:

Web Page Not Available

The Web page at file:///my%20documents could not be loaded as:

The requested file was not found. /my documents

If I can find the URL to the my documents/ folder, I'll be able to get the path to my local .html files. If the my documents/ directory is correctly loaded in the browser, an error message like the following will appear:

Web Page Not Available

The Web page at file:///some/path/to/my%20documents could not be loaded as:

Is a directory.

I know I could probably root my nook to figure out the file structure, but I'd rather not do that since it requires a lot of work.

I know I could also convert my .html documents to an ebook using pandoc, but the .html files I'm working with don't convert very cleanly unfortunately, so they would require a lot of manual editing.

  • I would still love to find the answer to this problem, but I ended up converting the .html files to an ebook using calibre. It was pretty easy: I just added the Table of Contents .html to Calibre, selected it, clicked Convert books, and followed the steps. – stiemannkj1 Aug 21 '16 at 22:41

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