I have spent the last few days manually organizing my ebook collection into folders and sub-folders. When I load everything into Calibre, everything gets changed from the title to the way its saved in my Library.

Is there a way where I can force Calibre to use MY titles and MY folders when creating a mass conversion? I want everything the way I have it, just converted to one format.

Main Folder
- First Category
---- Book 1
---- Book 2
---- Book n
---- Sub Category
------- Book 1
------- Book 2
- Second Category
---- Book 1

Calibre doesn't look at the directory structure nor at the name of a file to determine the name of a book it imports. It tries to extract that information from the metadata that if finds in the file. What it actually retrieves depends on the file format.

I add all most all my books to Calibre using the command-line tool calibredb, specifically using Python program that gathers the correct info, corrects it where necessary, and then calls:

calibredb add --duplicates --authors="author names" --title="title of the book" file_name_of_the.ebook

If you provide the parameters, Calibre will no longer try to extract them from the ebook.

(There are a lot more options there use calibredb add --help to see them).

With a small program you should be able to walk the directory tree and automatically construct the right parameters for calibredb, or maybe an editor with learning mode working over the list of files should get you the script/batch file to do the upload into Calibre.

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