I'm not talking about Kindle fire. The $79 one.

It doesn't have to directly support it.

My thinking is:

  • If Kindle support the epub format
  • Scribd offers epub
  • There's software out there like Calibre that can convert between formats

I should be able to use services like scribd/oyster then. Is my understanding correct?

  • What do you mean by service? Perhaps you have in mind something like a Calibre recipe. – Thufir Dec 24 '18 at 10:50

Yes, if you manage to download from somewhere an ePub file, then you can convert it to mobi format using a software as Calibre. This would allow you to read such books on a Kindle.

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Theoretically you are right, and as @clami219 said you could use a software to transform one format into the other. This has nothing to do with Scribd or Oyster. But you will be getting problems at converting when those ebooks are provided with an DRM.

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I use this website, EPUB2Kindle to convert from one format to other formats. It's fast and reliable. They have a whole series of convertors with different domains.

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