I have a Kindle 5 and I would like to read manga (japanese comic) on it. What methods can I use? What format is the best and is there any converter that can create that format from a bunch of JPEG files?

Also, I have Ubuntu, so if a program is required, it would be better if it is available for Linux.

  • I second Kindle Comic Converter. I use it all the time to put cbr and cbz files onto my Kindle.
    – JM Gant
    Aug 7, 2016 at 11:42

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The fastest and simplest way is to use a comic book archive format.

If you already have the image files, make sure that they are named with the correct alphabetical and numerical order (I.E. cover.jpg, page001.jpg, page002.jpg and so on); the program that you will use to read the comic will display your images in alphabetical order.
Then you can simply compress them in a .zip archive, and rename it's extension from .zip to .cbz. If you prefer, you can also compress the files in a .rar archive, but in this case you should rename it in .cbr.
Your ereader should be able to read one of these formats.

Alternatively, you can try PDFtk, it is a nice tool for manipulating PDF in various ways; it is cross-platform (hence you can find it also in the Ubuntu repositories) and can be used to create a PDF from the source images.
I've always used it from Command Line, but on openSUSE repositories I found at least a couple of graphical interfaces, the packages are named pdftk-qtgui and pdfchain; I suppose that these should be available on Ubuntu as well, try to look for them (bear in mind that on different distros, the package names could be a little different).


The easiest solution what I found is Kindle Comic Converter, which also cuts the edges. I used it several times, and worked fine (didn't cut into the text, etc.)


You can convert the JPEG files to a proper EPUB book as described in this answer and then convert that, e.g. with Calibre to the Kindle format.

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