If I previously read a book that I bought on Google play, and wish to read it again --- is there a way to tell the Google server to forget about all the progress I made reading the book the first time -- that I want my "last reading location" to be reset to the beginning of the book?

I have tried looking both on the Google Play web-site and on the Google Play Books app on my phone --- and no place do I find the option for doing this. Can anyone help me here?

I have searched and searched and searched on the Internet for a way to do this --- and have found nothing. If there is a way to do this, that would be much appreciated.

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Tap in the middle of the screen and a slider will appear at the bottom of the screen.


To reset the progress you made in a book, just go to the begining and start reading again. The next time you open the book it would show you the new location at which you stopped reading.

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