Eduroam is a network that allows members of universities or research institutes to use wifi in other universities or research institutes without having to register for a guest account. This utilizes WPA2 Enterprise authentification.

Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise networks was not supported on older Kindles (e.g. hacks needed to be used for Kindle 3 devices). With recent Kindles it seems to be possible at least for Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite.

Is is also possible out of the box for "basic" Kindles with physical buttons (K4NT)? If not: Are hacks needed and available?

  • Just for the record, the Kindle 2 is WhisperNet only — no wifi. I mention this because of course the K2 is one of the Kindles with a keyboard that precedes the Kindle Touch.
    – Roger_S
    Jan 9, 2014 at 17:47

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You need to jailbreak your Kindle 4 NT and have usbnetwork installed. The following hack worked for me:


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    Answers on this site will be better received if you were to summarize the important steps from the link rather than provided a link-only answer. This protects against dead links in the future and provides more value to users of the site.
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    I am not a fan of reposts and I respect the authors intellectual property. I will reconstruct the proposed algorithm here to avoid a possible dead link. However, down voting creates the false impression that the suggested solution is simply wrong or inaccurate.
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