With touch screen E Ink Kindle devices, is there some way to trigger the back button / action without having to tap twice (i.e. once to trigger the top menu and then again to press the back button)? I'm not referring to flipping back a page but rather the back button itself which is useful when jumping back to where you were before pressing a link. I'm using the Voyage but I think if there is an answer it may apply to Paperwhite and the regular Kindle touch too.

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    Now that I am heavily using my Paperwhite, this is something which irks me as well quite a lot. But I do not think Amazon provides any way to go back with just one tap (they could implement using a particular corner in future perhaps). – k4rtik May 4 '15 at 7:37

No. I have found no way of doing this with my Paperwhite (and I have tried quite a few things). This would be very useful to have; perhaps if we suggest it to Amazon, it may become a feature?

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    Not sure why an honest answer merits a downvote; there is not a way to do this and that's true. I'm sorry if the answer didn't solve your problem. – Matt Mc Sep 9 '16 at 23:20

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