The question title pretty much sums it up. If I'm testing how my eBook looks across different devices, and I have a Paperwhite for testing, is there a significant difference between that and the Voyage, such that I should buy a Voyage for testing as well?

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Apparently the Voyage rendering system is similar to the Paperwhite, but not the same.

I (currently) know of one difference between the two; there is a rendering bug in the Voyage that the Paperwhite does not have, as described on the MobileRead forums:

let's not forget that Voyage has that weirdo width bug, too, for images? Not the same, mind you...but not totally dissimilar, either. If you have an image that's <50% wide in Voyage, you're set; but if it's 51%, you're screwed, it blows up to full width. Now, again: this isn't the same as this wacky, "the image won't float unless it's SMALL enough, in iOS," but...I wonder if they are in some wild-ass way related? In some algo, somewhere?


I'll try to update this with any further information I get.

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