How would I convert an RSS feed into an ebook? I know that calibre can already do this but it is a bit bulky and I don't feel confident writing a recipe in Python to try to do this. I do have access to pandoc and other tools on Linux, though.

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I use http://newstoebook.com/¹ I've been using it to create ebooks of one of my project blogs. The resulting ebook (I create .mobi books for Kindles) have been readable. As my blog increased I found it only extracted the most recent posts, so you might want to monitor for this behaviour in case it affects the feeds you want to read as an ebook.

¹ No longer online (archive).


If all you're wanting is to easily get specific RSS items to a Kindle, Instapaper has a service that makes this very simple:


That's how I do it, and only for specific posts that I'm actually wanting to read on my Kindle. My usual workflow is when I'm reading through my feeds on my iPhone, I click "send to Instapaper" on longer posts that I want to read on my Kindle.


There is a node.js project for this https://github.com/gonejack/rss-epub


you can use ebook-convert from calibre to do this

ebook-convert input.recipe output.epub

input.recipe come from Calibre Settings\custom_recipes, you can create it by add custom news in Calibre or edit it by your self.

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