I am wondering if there is an API that will allow me to push epubs, with all the needed meta data, to Apple iTunes/iBookstore. Currently I am using the desktop app iTunes Producer.

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There is most likely an API working between iTunes Producer and the iBookstore, but AFAIK Apple has not published it. It is of course much easier for Apple to control a protocol— and change if needed—when you control both client and server sides (client: iTunes Producer, server: iBookstore). This keeps development cheaper than with a published API and it might even allow Apple offload some of the work to the client side that they don't want to re-check on the server.

If you are not willing to do repetitive work using iTunes Producer, I see two possible alternatives:

  • checkout if any of the iBookstore aggregators (approved or others) has an API you can use. Of course a commercial service costs you, reducing earnings from the list price down from 70% when directly dealing with Apple¹.

  • programmatically drive the iTunes Producer application to do the uploading using the Quartz Event Services². This might actually be quicker to develop than trying to interface with an API programmatically.

¹ I am not sure if any aggregators have an API available. Earning will e.g. be down to 63% using Lulu; to 60% using Smashwords

² I have done that kind of automation, programming the 'driver' for the .tiff to .djvu conversion in a Windows GUI application.

  • Anthon, thanks for your answer. My goal here is to link our CMS with iBookstore, but without reducing our % earnings. Jan 11, 2014 at 22:19

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