My wife and I both have nooks attached to the same account. I have noticed that the when I open up a book that I have been reading on her Nook(usually because I let my battery go dead) that it knows what page I was on, with in a few minutes.

This got me thinking that if they are tracking where I am at in the book what other usage information are they collecting?

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The Barnes & Noble Mobile Privacy Supplement addresses the following questions as they relate to Devices and Retail Apps:

  1. What personal information do we collect?
  2. How do we collect personal information?
  3. How do we use personal information?
  4. With whom do we share personal information?
  5. What else about Barnes & Noble’s Mobile Privacy Supplement would I want to know?

In section 2b, the information automatically collected is detailed:

(b) Information automatically collected

When you use a Device or Retail App, we may automatically collect information from your Device or Retail App when it is connected to the Internet. For example, we may receive and collect information concerning your Device or Retail App registration, settings, usage, firmware version, signal strength, search queries, network interaction, the name of the network from which you access the Internet, the Internet Protocol address of the device you are using, downloads, sideloaded content, configuration, service, or information related to any malfunction of the Device or Retail App. In addition, when your Device or Retail App connects to wireless networks operated by Barnes & Noble (e.g., within Barnes & Noble locations) we may collect information concerning your location when it makes such a connection.

  • Especially collecting information about the side-loaded content would for me be a reason not to use a Nook.
    – Anthon
    Dec 30, 2013 at 19:12
  • I was surprised by that too. Too much snooping for my liking :)
    – Jason Down
    Dec 30, 2013 at 19:14

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