When I insert a SD card in my Bookeen Odyssey which contain my study Books, the titles show up mixed with my 'pleasure' books on the internal memory of the bookreader.

I can add "AA" before the book title or author name and make sure they are sorted together, but maybe there is a better way of organising that I missed?


In the Folder View, you can select the folder view, which probably gives you Cybook/.../ etc. at the top. Then select the parent directory in the top-left corner of the display repeatedly until you see a Cybook and an SD icon. The top will read Library.

Select SD and after that navigate to the books in the (sub)folder on your SD card.

(If you happen to switch on folder view while reading a book from your SD card, you will already 'be' in a directory on your SD card, and you will not have Cybook at the beginning of your directory path).

Also see the question Where can I see the books that are stored in my SD card?

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