I'm formatting an ebook that uses line numbers. The only problem is the numbers have not been provided, so I would have to enter them all myself.

How can I add these line numbers, maybe using PERL (I have a very cursory knowledge of it myself). I think I basically need to append a number to the end of each paragraph, incrementing by 1.

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    I cleaned up your question, assuming you don't want to know if someone knows how to do what you want (which is a yes/no answerable question). The main problem is that your question is still ambiguous as you write about line numbers (hard as a line depends on device/font settings etc) and give an example of having paragraphs numbered (actually relatively easy), what is it you want? – Anthon Jul 27 '14 at 7:06
  • In addition to Anthon's question, what file format are the documents you're working with? MS Word documents, HTML, an XML format, PDF, InDesign? – thinkulum Jul 31 '14 at 13:54

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